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Scott Page - A Rockstar's Journey

Leading up to the eighteenth century the church commissioned the majority of art produced in Europe. In the nineteenth century, the antagonism between art and money changed the structure of the art world, where art became autonomous, in effect art became independent from the previous controlling powers like the  church, politicians, or the markets, and this new independence of art itself defined the period we call, “the modern art world.


During that time one of the most important writers in Europe, Victor Cousin, said the iconic phrase, “Art for art’s sake,” (l’art pour l’art) which defined the idealistic aesthetics of modern art. Philosopher Immanuel Kant elucidated this concept through his definition of “common sense” in his book, Critique of Judgment, published in 1790.

Metaverse Stanely

Stanley exudes a sense of positivity, inspiring people along the way through the metaverse. He is an iconic image, one that encompasses adventure and wonder on this journey. He taps into the child like curiosity and adventure within us all. 


Stanley started out as a subconscious sketch, embodying willingness, openness, wonderment, drawing us into a world of discovery. It encompasses elements of our past and present as well as a journey to the future in a time when it is needed more than ever. 


Leigh J. McCloskey is one of the most gifted artists of our time, and yet still a relatively unknown figure in the contemporary art world. For decades he has been transforming his home studio is a living work of art, in which even the walls and furniture are imbued with his unique visual philosophy and unmistakable style. This living canvas has evolved, and represented not just unique aesthetics, but an entire Universe that one can explore.


In the future of the American Football League all human players were injured and replaced by machines. The humanoid robots were built with human DNA from the greatest players in the history of the game. This new technology created a new type of cyborg, a cybernetic organism containing chips with deoxyribonucleic acid (the hereditary material in humans and almost all other organisms).


From the first cyborg (an individual with both organic and mechanical body parts), The Nyctalope, a pulp fiction hero created by French writer Jean de La Hire in 1911, now we have the first super NFL cyborg players created by Mike Browne in 2022.

Empowering artists and technologists to collectively elevate culture.