Metaverse Stanley

Metaverse Stanley

Stanley Felderman

Stanley exudes a sense of positivity, inspiring people along the way through the metaverse. He is an iconic image, one that encompasses adventure and wonder on this journey. He taps into the child like curiosity and adventure within us all. 


Stanley started out as a subconscious sketch, embodying willingness, openness, wonderment, drawing us into a world of discovery. It encompasses elements of our past and present as well as a journey to the future in a time when it is needed more than ever. 


Concurrent with the artist drawing Stanley he was working on The-Metablobs, who are survivors of a toxic environment. The Metablobs are survivors that grew out of their toxic waste beginnings, and they travel from the physical world through space into the Metaverse. They create a new virtual world in the Metaverse and evolve. They are a mirror and reflection of our journey through a transitioning world. 

Through the artist’s lighthearted humorous drawings there is a powerful message of bonding and support of one another, engaging with others, creating new communities, and traveling to the Metaverse. These multicolored Metablobs are a metaphor of our own diversity, They represent community, tolerance of one another, and embracing differences.


The artist created a series of NFTs that show The-Metablobs different aspects of existence, from pulling themselves out of this toxic world, surviving together, growing, having families, transitioning, and leaving earth into another dimension. Some of the art shows this moment of transition from a physical world to the metaverse. This moment of transition is what we call “the glitch”.


Join us, embrace all possibilities, and realize that through collective consciousness we can make change. Discover the unexpected as Stanley travels through our physical world to the Metaverse and meets more iconic figures along the journey.

- Syd Krochmalny

About the Artist

Stanely Felderman

Heads the international Architectural/Interior Design firm, Felderman Keatinge + Associates, an industry pioneer, and future forward leader.


In 2016, he was honored as the 37th Annual Design Visionary and in 2018 he received the Circle of Excellence Award for his innovation including his concept design for the ATM. His work has been featured in the Museum of Modern Art and the Whitney Museum. Stanley’s clients include MTV Networks, Disney, Universal, Legendary Entertainment, Mattel, Samsung, CAA, PDiddy, and Hugh Hefner.


Stanley’s work has been featured in the New York Times, Wall StreetJournal, Forbes, Newsweek, Fast Company, and People Magazine.



Twitter: Metaverse Stanley

Discord: Metaverse Stanley

Instagram: FeldermanStanley 

About the Curator

Dr. Syd Krochmanly

Is an Argentinian artist, writer, researcher, writer, sociologist, professor, curator and musician. He did postdoctoral studies at Columbia University. He published seven books and founded two art magazines. He teaches, gives lectures, writes and show art in diferentes galleries, museums, universities in the world as Guggenheim, Reina Sofia, NYU, Edinburgh University, São Paulo Art Biennial, among others. In 2017 his artwork (an installation, poetry book, and theatrical performance) Journals of Hate was recognized by the art and intellectual community, and the City of Buenos Aires as one of the most relevant cultural contributions to Argentinian culture in the last decade 

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